aerus electrolux water filter system kelowna, bc canada

The Benefits of Healthy Water

  • Drinking water keeps your body healthy and happy
  • Your home's water heater will last longer with softer water
  • Maintain a healthy body weight by drinking water
  • Faucets and shower heads will gleam
  • Water contributes to healthy, beautiful skin
  • Save money on soaps, detergents and other cleansers

Water is essential to our health and wellness - after all, it's the body's primary ingredient. But as concerns about water quality rise, so do the choices on what kind of water we could be drinking. The Aerus family of whole home filtration, conditioning and RO solutions brings you the best in water purification, making it easier to stay properly hydrated and ensuring that the water in your home is superior in every way.

aerus electrolux water purification system kelowna, bc canada

A whole house water conditioner helps eliminate hard water and is the best way to. By supplying conditioned water throughout your home, it lets you enjoy the rich rewards of quality water. You can taste, see, and feel the evidence of conditioned water in your home.

aerus electrolux water purification system kelowna, bc canada

Whole house water filtration works to reduce particles and contaminants so that you enjoy cleaner, spring-like water from every faucet in the house. Free from the drying effects of chemicals, you can experience softer skin and hair and see the difference when cooking or brewing coffee and tea.

aerus electrolux water purification system kelowna, bc canada

The Elevate pH 600+ is a reverse osmosis water filter that provides gallons of fresh drinking water right from your kitchen sink. It uses 6 total treatment stages and 4 stages of advanced filtration to give you clean water you'll feel great drinking.