Choose a Trusted Provider for Your Vacuum

Choose a Trusted Provider for Your Vacuum

Aerus is here to help you clean your property in Kelowna, BC

Whether you're ready to buy a new vacuum or air filter, you can trust Aerus for exceptional customer service and high-quality products. Our Kelowna, BC location has been serving locals for over a decade, and our team will gladly help you find the equipment you need.

We're ready and able to help you. For more information about our team, call 250-860-2320 today.

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When you choose Aerus for your new vacuum cleaner or water filter, you're going with a reliable company with a storied history. Aerus was founded in 1924 under the name Electrolux. After producing the first tank vacuum model, we transitioned into producing healthy home and business products. Today, we offer a wide range of top-quality products and services to help keep Americans clean and healthy.

Reach out to us now if you have any questions about our products.

World Renowned Legacy

Since our beginning as Electrolux in the USA in 1924, Aerus® has been known as an industry leader in creating healthy environments and providing reliable lifetime service. Our legacy is renowned for friendly, unparalleled customer service and products you can rely on.

ActivePure® Story

ActivePure® Technology is developed and owned by Aerus Holdings and distributed exclusively by its affiliate companies. ActivePure® is an air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation, and it is a Certified Space Technology that works to continuously clean and protect air and surfaces 24 hours a day.